Monday, January 7, 2013

Amores Perros (love's a bitch)

monkeyrating: 7.5/10

waddabout: a car crash connects three lives of three entirely different dog owners dealing with harsh life issues like loss, regret and abandonment - in the name of love.

isay: must watch to see what can be done with simple cinematic techniques and a good story. nothing 'high-budget' about this film in its treatment and yet the story sinks into you slowly over time. maybe a tad too slow for those who love gruelingly fast movies.

monkeyrespect to: GAEL GARCIA's performance is unforgettable. the DOP's work is commendable. and the story by guillermo arraiga (the writer of babel) is typically postmodern in its treatment and makes a great case study of the rise of postmodern script writing in cinema.

watch the trailer: 

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