Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Into the Darkness

He held her close
as the night grew dark.
Hid those tender shivers of her frame so frail
with his clawless grasp.
He cloaked her trembling tiny soul
in his soulless arms for hours deep.
He wiped those tears from her eyes
and felt them burn like wine.
He kissed her warm lips with promises
that would be due in time.
As her demons came
searching for her soul
from a million shadows sore,
he held on to her
and felt her heart tremble in fear
her soft breasts heaving more.
A creature of beauty, her,
so frail, so fraid, so tempting to keep,
a silken thread would tear.
He held her close
till all her demons flew
back into those shadows of lore.
He calmed her with his faithless whispers,
and chanted all his spells
till all he was left with was none himself
None, to save him from those demons snares.
and thus all spent without a word forlorn,
he held her close once again...
and kissing her sleeping forehead he walked.
Walked and walked and walked far away,
back into the darkness, past the dawn,
back into the darkness, where he would stay...
back into the darkness, where the demons lay.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

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