Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fast & Furious 6

monkeyrating: 8/10

waddabout: the original crew of car-renegades comes together to take down a mercenary who is commanding armoured motor warfare boosted heists across the world and to get Dom's girlfriend Letty back - with full pardons for their previous crimes. 

isay: the best of the fnf movies according to me. this movie had it all - cars, attitude, dialogues, story, action, drama and absolute adrenaline value. This fnf movie reminds you why you love action movies once again!

monkeyrespect to: the fight choreographer on this movie takes the cake - all the fights are true to their own action stars, true to the martial art from and splendid to watch. Whether its gina carano with her mma moves, the rock and vin diesel throwing in some wrestling and street and mcmap, or paul walker bursting off some krav maga - its all perfect action poetry! the actions been kept REAL and Cinematic at the same time. truly brilliant.Justin Lin has done an awesome job directing this movie - even when he exagerrates scenes to make them cinematic, he keeps it looking classy and steers clear of cheap - that's sheer talent! He has the audiences in awe despite the clear disobedience of the laws of physics and biology! That's what entertaining cinema is all about - being realistic, but not real. that fine line between fantasy and reality? Lin's found it and tread on it perfectly.
Kudos to the writer for brilliant subtle humour at every stage (like refferring to the rock on the phone-caller-id as SAMOAN THOR :-D) and for the dramatic lines about 'FAMILY' that defines dom's character and give the movie its dramatic spine.

watch the trailer: 

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