Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goodbye Everything

28 years of attachments. Most of them due to unnecessary emotional attachments to things. I came to a point where I realized that I don't need any of it. I'm happy just being alive and doing the things I love doing. And that does not need the things I 'own' and 'hold on' to. 
My house is today just full of things I treasure and haven't let go of - my art desk, my curtains that have an emotional value, my paintings that I never sell, little things given to me by ex-girlfriends from long long ago, every letter ever written to me, diaries from way back when I was in college, certificates of achievements i dont give a rats ass about, reels from film school days, DVD collections piled over the ages. Do I need all that? Not really.

So I have chosen to go absolutely minimal for a year - packing a little rucksack with the basic stuff I need to work, live and do the things I love doing - and living like a nomad - traveling, building my village cottage, visiting friends with common likes abroad and working with my brains more than with a desk. 

So as I pack my bags and bid goodbye to stupid things, I wonder one last time whether I should do this. 
I look at that little box of letters I never threw away.
And I zip up my rucksack and say 'goodbye'. 

Year 28, here's to more experiences and lesser 'things', here's to more living and lesser 'owning', here's to more freedom and lesser shackles. Year 28, here I come. 

- Pushkaraj Shirke

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