Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fitness Photography - YFC

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"This pic is From a shoot i did for the YFC chain of gyms - india's fastest growing chain of gyms and fitness centres. What I love about my work is shooting incredible athletes in action - to be able to capture them at their best. I don't ever shoot with fake plates and fake weights coz the effort and the grit of real weights is visible to the camera's eye. It's such a minute detail but it makes such a massive difference. I could have done this same shot like every other fitness magazine photographer - loaded with fake plates and have the model screaming as if its 10,000 lbs and his ass is tearing apart - but no. I love it real. I respect it real. And that is how I love to capture it - 100% real. 

 #fitness #photography #gym #yfc #athlete #squat #motivation #inspiration #psfnp "

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