Thursday, September 11, 2014

An open letter to Gillette: Stop being a sexist bitch.

Hello marketing people at Gillette,
fuck everything lets get to the point - I like my stubble and I will keep it. So fuck you Gillette.
And btw, how are all your sponsored  'shaving movements' any less sexist than starting a movement to encourage women to get breast implants?
If there were 2 magazines with the same model, one with smaller boobs and the other with larger boobs, I'm sure men will pick more of the magazine with bigger boobs. but that doesn't mean you encourage implants.
A media campaign called 'women oppose everything stubble' done by desperate Gillette.
Getting Bollywood babes to say stuff they clearly don't believe in isn't going to work. 
There is a thin but very clear line between being sexist and being cool about something - whoever runs this shit at Gillette, clearly doesn't understand that. I understand your desperation to try and sellll your needlessly over bladed razors to do the job of a single blade razor to fools and that too in an era of electric shavers, but hey, you're reeking of desperation - and that aint attractive in either sex or advertising. Advertising is the art of persuasion, seduction, inception - not overkill and mind rape. So chill, and reconsider your marketing shit, Gillette.

See this stupidly sexist 'social experiment' sponsored by Gillette: 

PS: Luckily, my kind of women prefer my stubble and beard - So I don't give a shit. But one things for sure, I'm never buying Gillette for having made this sexist attempt over and over again.
- Pushkaraj S Shirke


  1. For a brand that won 10 Cannes on the back of these movements as opposed to a nobody-professor, I wouldn't really be opening my mouth.

  2. @ Anonymous : 10 Cannes awards .. ONLY mean the jury too was 'sexist' and liked this 'shit' .. 10 wrongs DONT make a right ! .. And if its a popularity contest .. then the Fuhrer was popular too ! So ... pretty please ! and stay Anonymous !


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