Friday, April 24, 2015

Is one Love greater than another? or are you comparing concepts?

I just read a post glorifying the story of an old woman who never moved past her childhood love, whom she married and lost to cancer. And My reaction to the story may not be one everybody agrees with in a world full of people dependant on 'romanticizing' everything. Hence sharing my take on it.
First thing - beautiful story. I havent verified it, but yes, its beautiful to read. And such stories do exist.
Now for the tough part - Glorifying one romanticised perspective of 'love' doesn't make it any better than any other form of love. Human beings will love. Whether its one person or ten, it doesn't make a difference. Brooding over a person you knew all your life after that person is dead doesn't make this brand of 'love' better than any other. Its beautiful, no doubt. But also beautiful is the love of woman who dares to love again after being heartbroken by fate. Or the love of a man who'd willingly sacrifice everything to see the women he loves live happily. Or the love that never ties down into any socially explainable bond like marriage or lovers. 
If humans probably learn to Love 'Love', and not our romanticised concept of love, we humans just might be a happier race of beings.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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