Friday, June 12, 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Tanu Weds Manu Returns: a brilliantly hilarious movie with the worst male character ever scripted. If the 'menninist' wing was as active as the 'feminist' wing, this movie would have been banned. Personally I rate this movie a hilarious 8/10, but at the same time I'm very clear about its shattering drawbacks hidden beneath its brilliant dialogues, comic timing and kangana's incredible performance. Also what saves the movie is that it presents a strong front for women and addresses issues that india seriously needed to have answered on the mass media platform - aka the social status of women, female athletes and the caste circus. Beneath all these plusses is hidden one of the most spineless, purposeless male characters ever scripted - manu. A man who is as cliche and spineless as ever. A man who would be the villian if not shrouded in the garb of being the 'male protagonist'. A man who runs around getting married, breaking hearts and doing it all in the garb of being an a grade loser who keeps his commitments. The over the top moments of the film are forgivable if you look at it as a slapstick comedy and not as a serious movie. The lack of attention to detail like never establishing what sport the female leas plays, or why is the counselling session in an asylum is forgivable as per a slapstick humour movie. Dont get me wrong, I love the movie and I love kangana enough to have watched this movie twice and enjoyed it too. But please, next time, pls try and fix these faults. Let's not override the feminism wave and turn Bollywood's final hope for maturity into a new shithole of senselessness. Cheers! PS: I delayed this review because I'm often biased towards kanagana as she is my fav actress in Bollywood. And I didn't want to put out a review that would be percieved as biased. #bollywood #men #script #review #movie #film #comedy
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Monkeyrating: 8/10

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