Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Celebration of Stupidity and Human Evolution

History will probably remember us as survivors of a time when people like Chetan Bhagat, Snooki, Donald Trump, Kaitlyn Jenner, Rakhi Sawant and the likes were celebrated. A time when virtue wasn't the cause of fame, but fame itself had become a virtue. A time when stupidification of humankind began by celebrating the mediocre and the absurd as the heroes of the time. A time when the people forgot what virtues heroes are meant to extol and spent their lives gossipping trivial facts about their 'icons' in the garb of doing 'timepass' - only to realise too late that the time they were passing, consisted of time that was never going to return, consisted of time during which their lives were being stolen away by corporations and governments that were sponsoring the celebration of these fools to keep the people blinded and to keep their own coffers overflowing. We are living in a time when the progressive dumbing down of the human race almost happens on a daily basis as our literature is being replaced by toilet magazines, our entertainment with shallow, meaningless titilation, our social fabric with profiteering rife, our education with propaganda and our daily learnings with pictures of tits and pussycats and photoshopped wallpapers that are like a cobweb, slowly settling on our brains, shutting them away from the light as they grow thicker every single day. Meanwhile, we are too busy... doing we don't even know what. Our analytical sklills are dying and we are becoming more and more dependant on heuristics and shortcuts. We no longer want long, meaningful explanations - we want 2 word ad campaigns and loud imagery to explain the universe to us. We are turning into mindless mobs that will kill for an idea we dont even understand, an idea that isn't even our own in the first place. We are turning into a species that i think is fast departing from the homo sapiens sapiens we have long known into a species that is aggressively regressive, as if its been exposed to a extinction level virus that has taken over the planet - Stupidity.
Maybe I'm just being optimistic to consider that we will even survive.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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