Friday, March 30, 2007

Written in the night

Written In The Night
Words flowing in silence,
thoughts tearing across,
my mind plays a cruel game
in memories full of moss.
Memories I wished I never had,
come out into the light,
things I wish I could forget
drown me into the night.
Shards of broken mirrors
stare back as at them I see,
I look a little while longer
and I see hundreds of me.T
here playing in the shadows
somewhere around and near,
they play there in the dakness
for they know its them I fear.
Play along I wish I could,
Wish was not I a mortal,
had no need to ever be hurt,
I wish I were immortal.
Words still flow in silence,
thoughts still tear across,
I can feel the light in darkness,
the night has come to pass.
- Pushkaraj Shirke

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