Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aereon's Ecstacy

Medium: pencil and ash on paper
Artist: Pushkaraj Shirke
Status: work in progress

Life has some weird equations. I never quite exactly understand the reason why pain and art are always so close to eachother - like a perfectly balanced equation that fills each void. Hurt - the one most inevitable aspect of life, can have a million consequenes - some of which i have known just too closely to be comfortable with. I earlier never realised what drew me to art every time i came across the BLUE side of life. Everytime i was pulled down, the hurt turned to art. but as time has passed on... i realised one thing. EVERYTHING is the way it is, coz thats the way its meant to be. ITS UPTO YOU TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT. Im glad my life is the way it is. It just makes more sense every time i look back upon it.

I know this random note makes no sense to most of you - but for those who have know me and know what i speaking about - or all of those who have know how it feelsto vent out an ache that kills u within... im sure you know exactlywhat i mean.

Pushkaraj Shirke

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