Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who the Fuck is Barrack Obama?

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This and a gazzilion other tweets and facebook updates go gaga over this Mr. Obama every day. Oh! he's in my colony. Oh! he is so great! oh he is so cool! oh~! he's gonna fucking change the world!
Change the world? my ass!

does anyone take a moment to look into this paper dummy called Barrack Obama?
let's rewind to the time frame in which he became president and things might get a little clearer.

A few years back.
America, the country that has built its entire economy with its war machines and war mongering takes war to Afghanistan and the middle east. Its lust for oil is becoming obvious to the world. The 'war against terrorism' farce is losing belief. The war is back firing with deaths of innocent american soldiers everyday that it continues. Afghanistan is literally ass raping America. Public hatred against the country is at its peak. Not only across the country, but even in america itself. THAT CALLS FOR A MAJOR INTERVENTION!

'Damn', they say, we need to do something drastic. We need to pacify these guys. We need to dope them! Let's give these people the greatest drug in the world - and you know what that is? its not cocaine, its not grass, its HOPE!

"so what do you say we do?" ...
"well, how about something drastic."
"like what?"
"let's see... we need to unite america... so we shouldnt antagonise the african american people anymore... we need muslim votes and sympathy... so there's got to be a muslim angle... and its got to be something america has never done or seen before... we need ...... a scapegoat president and a replacement that fits in all our angles!"
"how about this guy... some barrack osama...errr.. obama or something like that"
"who's that?"
"i dunno... nobody does..... but hey, that's the point. we get a clean slate. we can create his image in the media. he's black and he's muslim.... and he can read the teleprompter pretty well"
"ah! and as for the media - the people know only what they see on tv and read in the paper!!! we can fund his campaigns and make him president - call the PR dept right away... call for a press con"
six months later, america and the world rejoices at the triumph of a man nobody had even heard about before. and doesent even bother to question why.

2010. Barrack Obama visits India.
Idiots all around are freakking out. for what??? What has he done???
lets see - pakistan is an openly terrorist funding state... and he is diplomatic about it.
people go gaga over the statment that he loves vada pav and koli dance... what shit? i'm yet to meet a pesident who visits a foregin country where he is pushing his vote bank and says "wht shitty food and dance you have here!" of course he loves it. its his fast depreciating vote bank. the Hope drug is wearing off!

How many of all those people who go gaga over Obama know anything concrete that he has done?
Obama is just a PR brainwashing exercise. and I hope people see it soon.
but even as i do hope that, i wonder would it make any difference at all. people will still be the same. willing to clutch at every morsel of hope thrown at them. for as much a paper dummy obama might have been, atleast it has been an excuse for america to do some good for a few people here and there.
Somewhere, i just hope this farce stays up - only for the fact that the families of the people who died in america's oil lust war feel a little better, only for the hope that saddam's murder is in some miraculous way will some day be justified, only for the reason that in someway the 'you hide my ass, i'll hide yours' world politics of terrorism and terrorism funding will feel threatened.

So.... who the fuck is Barrack Obama?
I'd really like to know. I'd really like the world to know.

BTW... just how much money do you think it takes to run an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN like this to promote OBAMA:

and again btw, all the financial reforms he promised, only 2-5 % of them actually happened - you know why? coz its still the corporations that control america. Not Obama - he's the puppet.


  1. Dear Blogger, Obama is the person who killed osama.

  2. oh really? intelligence reports prove that the US knew all along that pak is hiding Osama. Obama is just a rook.
    Obama is the new Ronald Reagan. a fabricated, charismatic leader appointed by the people who really run the country - the financial profiteers.


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