Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 music videos that you've got to watch!

As a director, a commercial is too demanding. and a movie is often too expensive. So music videos become the perfect vent for their creativity. It's no wonder some of the best and most long lasting work in the film format has been in the form of music videos.

Here are just 10 of those music videos that i can never forget. some of them maybe outdated today, but when they had hit the screen - they reallly were something! check them out:

1. All is full of love - Bjork
the music video that became the seed for the movie i-robot. i'm yet to meet someone who has not been amazed by this video.

2. Frozen - Maddona
Gothic has never been so seductively classic and peaceful as in this video. right from the selection of the tone of the film to the graphics used for the elements in the film - simply perfect! It is the inspiration for countless commercials across the world even today!

3. OK go - this too shall pass
more than 2 million hits on you tube - this one took the domino effect to a new level. though in this case its a chicken and the egg scenario, coz this video draws its insipration from one of the most tediously made car commericals ever!
OK Go also had another smashing hit music video that made waves on youtube:
thorough their videos they've made one take videos quite an art form of this era!

4. Smells like teen spirit - Niravana
if ever there was proof that simplicity rocks - it was this video. no bizzare shit, no path breaking editing. just plain camera work and great music in sync with each other. Now that's a real ROCKING video! (which btw also explains why this has also been one of the best music video's ever - worldwide!)

5. Thriller - Michael Jackson
Michael dedicated his life to take music videos to another level. most of his videos have been path breaking for their time. none of his producers ever had to argue for budgets. and that shows in his videos - mostly in Thriller. which is the first time ever a MUSIC VIDEO, BECAME A MOVIE!
Rest in peace Michael. I wish i could do a video for you!

6. Only you - Portishead
Chris Cunningham left people confused and amazed with this masterpiece. The technique used for this video was later used for commercials by BMW most notably and about 5 to 6 different brands worldwide.

7. Smack My bitch up - Prodigy
the concept was so gripping for this video that it made first person camera shooting an art in itself. I'm yet to meet a person who's not gone 'oh my god!!!' at the end of this video!
Also worth a watch in the same category is this little piece:

8. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
a visually stunning piece of work especially in terms of editing by Director Mellissa Olson. using loads of stock footages and real time videos this classic piece of work was created. It's one of the best 'journey' videos i've ever seen.

9. Hero - Enrique
I really don't know if this video even desrves to be called just a music video. It is so well created that its a mini movie in itself. Complete with a story that moves you - shot in a way that compels you to FEEL the song.

10. Fireflies - Owl City
You know that one video which makes you feel damn!!! why didn't i think of this before!!! this one is it. and its made so simply and beautifully that it grows on you without a crinkle... just like the song.

The Lord of War - Life of a bullet
widely and highly acclaimed as the best movie credits sequence ever, this little piece of film cum music video is a sheer masterpiece of greatness! It's a case of a director's perspective turning over a common 'a day in the life of' essay, into a piece of art!


  1. i have a few, not necessarily in order of my liking

    1) Most OK-GO videos
    2) Californication - RHCP
    3) It's My Life - Bon jovi
    ...4) From the Inside - Linkin Park
    5) Smack My bitch up - Prodigy
    6) Points of Authority ( reanimated ) - Linking Park
    7) Turn The Page - Metallica - itv select :) -
    8) Without Me - Eminem
    9) Chaiya Chaiya - Dil se
    10) Come Into My World - Kylie Minogue (watch this one if u havent)

  2. Take on Me- AHa
    California Love- Tupac Ft Dr. Dre
    Scream- Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
    Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

    There are loads more, but can think of these for now.


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