Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

monkeyrating: 8/10 
# i would have given this movie a 7... but i gave it an 8 coz its one of the ONLY movies ever to deal with the concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

genre: romance drama

waddabout: a hollywood scriptwriter decides to move to las vegas and end his life - drinking, but unexpectedly falls in love with a prostitute, who's got problems of her own.

isay: MUST WATCH. for the fact that no other movie comes even close to this one on the topic of unconditional love. its a little morbid, and alcoholically hazy... but its beautiful. and very real. 

monkeyrespect to: Nicholas cage!!! what a performance! not once does he over do it - despite playing an alcoholic! 

trivia note:
 the movie is filmed in 16 mm and blown up to 35 mm... that's what gives it its natural look :) 

Watch the trailer: 

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