Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

monkeyrating: 9/10
(the only reason i have deducted one point is cause of the lack of furious pace and action as opposed to the dark knight)

Wadddabout: the conclusion to Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman is forced out of his self imposed exile to fight a ruthless mercenary called Bane - and save the very city that has branded him a criminal.

isay: watch it in IMAX and buy highest definition DVD possible. This is the best possible conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy. It couldn't get any better!

True Dark Knight Fans will love it - purely for the reason that it is more psychologically true to the nature of the characters than anything else. it focuses more on the man behind the suit and the men beneath their masks than the mind numbing action that most superhero films have. THAT is what batman is.
People who became batman fans just coz of 'the dark knight', may not FEEL it. 

The movie draws more sources and similarities in pace and tone to BATMAN BEGINS than to THE DARK KNIGHT. So it would be an added advantage if you have watched the first one too.
All in all, i'm sold for the trilogy. Lots of popcorn and a Knight to remember.

monkeyrespectto: NOLAN, the god, for obvious reasons. and Hans Zimmer for a score that consistently keeps creeping beneath your skin somewhere. Bane's theme echoes in your mind long after the movie is done! epicness to the max!
And the catwoman?..... just in case you are reading Anne Hathaway... please marry me.

watch the trailer:

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