Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lean Shred without any pharmaceutical aids or steroids - 64 kgs - at 9% bodyfat

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"March 2012 - at 9%body fat, I was 64 kgs. This pic was clicked then. Now I'm 4kgs higher in muscle mass without steroids and wayyyy stronger and loving it. By the time I shoot again this year, I intend to be 68 kgs of lean muscle. Training with @kaizzad is making a huge difference. Superhuman strength feels like nothing else ever!!! #superhuman #strength #strong #k11 #bodybuilding #fitness"

This was achieved by heavy weight workouts alone, with a high protein high fat diet (ketogenic diet), natural diuretics and fat burners like caffine, green tea, chillies and spices.
In the final fifteen days i was doing HIIT cardio everyday morning and Heavy weight training every evening - 5 days a week.

At 9% body fat, my fat loss plateaued and did not go any lower. To drive my body fat any level below this would require pharmaceutical aids and fat burning supplements.
I will also be achieving that this year and showing the difference. 

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