Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project Shantaram : Aravali Hot Springs

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"The hot water springs of aravali are ancient. Even the locals don't know the true origins of the spring. Its been more of s religious handover across the ages. Come tourism season, the springs turn into a public bath and are filled with people 24x7. The place has not been maintained or managed properly due to religious and political reasons. Even today the entire structure is rock and tile. No changing rooms, no timings, no rules and regulations except for te most basic ones - separate baths for men and women, and no footwear on the springs. Though people claim the water has therapeutic powers, personally i have experienced none except the sheer pleasure of a weird sulphuric aroma and great hot water in all seasons. I've been here countless number of times since I was a kid - and the experience is always the same. It's crude luxury at its natural best. A misal Pav at a nearby stall is highly recommended after a hot soaking bath :-) 

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