Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worshipping Iron - strength training is meditation

what is meditation? In all it's meaning, to mediate is to reach a level of concentration where nothing else interferes with your mind - just one act or nothingness. and when you weight train like We do at K11 - to its utter maximum potential - when we drive ourselves to that point where there's that one heavy weight on your shoulders and your body is givin up on you and you have to leash it back together and rise or face failure of the weight crushing you down... you can only thinking 'UP!' And THAT, by every definition possible is meditation. right there. under that heavy weight and rising against gravity. in your body and your mind. as pure as can be. 

Ps: Photo featuring K11 CEO Kalyani Capadia re-reaching her one rep Max on a squat after multiple surgeries. That's the power of meditation on display. Right there. 

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