Monday, November 4, 2013

The most effective supplement for increasing bone density

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"I see bournvita and complan advertising shamelessly about their products contributing to bone health using half facts and half science. And that is why I have to make this post. If you really want to improve bone health, The most cost effective and absorptive calcium supplement in te market is actually available at your local pharmacy - it's called CCM or calcium citrate maltate. It's enriched with vitamin d and folic acid for better absorption and is best consumed with milk. One tablet before breakfast and one tablet before lunch for normal people. 2 tabs for osteoporotic / osteopeniated people. To boost absorption even further, you could have 3 ZMA capsules from GNC or ON every night so that the magnesium is readily absorbed and does not interfere with the absorption of calcium but contributes to te assimilation of calcium in te body. #nutrition #bodybuilding #osteoporosis #bone #health #supplementation #india " 

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