Saturday, December 21, 2013

Women Can't Do Pullups. Says who?

So, women can't do pull ups eh? Check this out. The CEO of K11 - ex rockclimber, Kalyani Capadia showing you how it's done. Like a BOSS. #woman #power #gym #training #fitness #hellyeah"

Though it is a fact that it i usually tougher for women to do pullups as compared to men.
Why is it tougher for women to do pull ups? For 3 reasons mainly:
1. Higher percentage of natural average body fat
- which makes the body heavier, making all bodyweight exercises a tad bit tougher.

2. Lack of practice
- which results in lower levels of central nervous system conditioning.

3. Lower general focus on strength
- what i call the 'cardio bunny' phenomenon. Most women generally tend to ignore strength training due to a misconception that lifting weights or doing strength training will make them 'large' or 'muscular'. and the wider media propagated misconception that 'cardio' will 'tone' them up.

Does that mean women cant do pull ups? NO WAY! When they put in effort and the practice, they can. Just like Kalyani did in the video posted above.

Remember, the only thing that makes tough easy, is practice. And practice, begins with STARTING OFF.

Just Do It!

-Pushkaraj S Shirke

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