Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014: The Things I Want to do this Year. And Why.

Another year has gone by for me, just like it has for everyone else. Another year full of learnings and experiences. Another year full of triumphs and mistakes - beautiful ones and funny ones. Another year in a box full of incredible memories.

Over the years, I've always been quite an idealistic son of a bitch (and i love that about myself). I've pursued crazy things and done crazy stuff. And I've been quite the happy monkey in the forest if i can quote it so. Which has led to a lot of things good and bad in my life and in the way i have learnt things. Which is what influences all my goals for this year.
What are they? and Why? Here goes:

1. The Billionaire Project

I've lived like a nomad. I'm a zero dependancy guy. I need no material comforts. I've given up everything I own and have still been as cozy as a puppy in a rag blanket. But one funny thing I have realised is that when you don't give a shit about money, people think you owe them everything for free. I have gone around doing charities without looking after my own self for too long now. While people make money and then run charities to stash away those funds from taxes, I actually went about it the other way round. This year is the time to change that - not change being my idealistic self (that i cannot do), but the I don't give a shit about money attitude. It's time to buy a house, get a new car, wear my suits and kick some corporate jollywankers in the ass. Not to splurge or anything, but just to prove a point. I'm not even thirty yet and i have been a millionarie 3 times over. Last year i emptied my accounts to zero all the way for the third time. This year, I want a fucking billion in my account. and more.
It's time to put my CA to good use. Manage my investments and rake in the money I've loaned to friends and not collected from people who owe me for ages now (that's close to a million right now). It's time to learn things I've always ignored. It's time to apply things I've always known but never bothered applying.
Films. Advertising. Photography. Brand Consultation. Fitness Consultations. Image Management. Seminars. Art and Design... I love doing the incredible work that I do and I love being awesome at what I do. And this passion burns away into my energy, my life. So this year, before you ask me to do you a fucking freebie or a cheapstake, think twice. You might just get punched in the face. My time is money. And my work is worship. Don't fucking waste it. Don't fucking insult it.

2. Get Stronger Than Ever

I've always been a simple, small guy. But a guy who always stands up for whats wrong and doesn't stand down from whats right. And that has left me in more than just a few fights. I've won many. I've lost many. I've manipulated my way through quite a few. More importantly, I've survived them all. Martial arts have become an indispensible part of my life. But what I have realised with time is that in an open fight, being able to take a blow is as important as being able to give one back. Technique and mind games are one thing, sheer brute strength is absolutely another. I need to balance the two. Besides, the sheer beautiful feeling of Strength Training, is addictive to say the least. It's become my meditation. My way to zone out from the world and  concentrate on something that makes my blood rush and my mind lighten to another level. Its my therapy of choice now.
This year, despite my osteoporosis, despite my screwed up spine, despite all odds against me - I want to get stronger than ever before.

3. Unload the Trash

I can give up on things pretty easy. But I've always found it difficult to give up on people. Friends, lovers, co-workers, acquaintances, clients and relatives. Well, to be honest, some people deserve a second chance or a little bit of mutual respect in your life. But also to be honest, some people deserve shit. And i don't intend to give it to them, but to let them be in it as they are.
INDIFFERENCE is the awesome word here.
Yes, I cared about you. Yes, I respected you. Yes, I loved you. If we have great memories together, great! i'll treasure them and smile about them with happiness. But time has passed and you've proved yourself unworthy more than a few times over. And all you are now are a lingering emotional and situational parasite. And I don't have the blood or the emotions to waste. And I don't feel bad about pointing it out to you. There are people and things more deserving of all my emotional energies, time and money right now.
Do i hate you? No. Do I give a shit? No to that too.
So please save yourself and spare me. Please fuck off as this plane takes off. Thank you.

And these 3 things are all there is on my to do list for this year unlike the regular 10 point long list. Coz these should be mammoth tasks in themselves. To let my emotions drive my work but to let my mind control my existence. To create that incredible balance. As simple as that may sound, that's huge.

I know many of these things sound very 'bad' and very unlike the usual me. But I believe that "if you have a heart of gold, you better have muscles of steel to protect it". The very sustenance of 'good' needs 'power' - ref: art of war. Its the same reason why peace loving monks also need to be the masters of warcraft. In my case, the 'muscles of steel' paradigm extends to cutting off parasites, building on the power of the body to building on the power of the strongest thing there is in the material world - Money.

In short, this year is all about paying attention to all things I have ignored for 28 years of my life.
And then again next year, from this year will come new learnings and new experiences.

So yup and Alright 2014, let's rock some balls together!

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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