Monday, January 6, 2014

Pushkaraj S Shirke: Old Logo Revived - the fire wolf

"There's something about wolves I can relate to on a very emotional level. Their pride. Their eternal intellect. Their undying attitude. Their survive it all skills. Their mysterious ways. Their balance of wilderness and domestication. Their place in mythology and folklore. So it was not surprising that i chose the legend of the fire wolf - the king of all wolves, as the insignia of the first company i ever started - at age 19. It was a story that always inspired me - the story of the wolf that stole fire from the gods and gave it to all life on earth. The story of the wold that lives even today in spirit in all wilderness, commanding all dogs, wolves and foxes alike. The wolf that is one with the universe itself - materializing in various cannine forms from time to time when balance is needed in the universe. There's an attachment to that icon in my heart even today long after i shut that company. Something about it that i cant let go of. It is still trademarked in my name. So now when I need a visual identity for my ventures again, its the same i find myself turning back to. In design, in has nothing to do with what I do today. Infact it is sketched when i was still in college. But in principle, it has everything that i stand for - the pride i take in my work, the principles i live by and the admiration i have for sheer intellect and integrity. The fact that the wolf is as comfortable in a tight bound pack as it is alone. The fact that the wolf outlives the biggest beasts in the forest. The fact that the wolf has way more spirit than any other beast in folklore. So once again, the Firewolf is reborn. My visual identity. My insigna. My logo. My seal that marks me even if my name isn't present. The legend of the fire wolf lives again."

 -Pushkaraj S Shirke

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