Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes

MonkeyRating: 10/10
actually a 9/10, but the cinematic brilliance of this movie in a time that lacks cinematic awesomeness prompted me to give it a 10. 

Waddabout: In a post apocalyptic world destroyed by the simian flu, a society of humans clash paths with a society of genetically mutated intelligent apes over a hydel power dam that could restore much needed power to the human society. The battle that ensues will trigger a war that will determine which will be the dominant species of the planet. 

What to watch out for: Amazing story line where no character is without raison-d-etre, good, bad, misled or sheer evil.
Mind blowingly spectacular CG that is impossible to tell is computer generated.
Andy Serkis in a performance that is DESERVING of an OSCAR.
And a slow burning cinematic experience that leaves you moved, entertained and looking forward for the finale in this trilogy. 

What sucks: NOTHING. Only that few whiners will complain that a few parts are too slow. screw them whiners.

BTW: Matt Reeves, the director of DOTPOTA is the same guy who made the other film that blew me away in recent times - one that i judged as a cinematic masterpiece in recent times - LET ME IN

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- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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