Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cellucor - Now Officially Available in India!

My new cellucor stack from Neulife! For the people who dont know why that's exciing - well, Cellucor is one brand that always is 100% true to its label - rightfully making it the most elite brand of quality supplements in the world. I had been waiting for it to be officially available in India - coz if you buy something thats known for its purity from the grey market, its like filling distilled water from the gutter - you just dont get the real stuff. I'm glad It's now available in India officially through Neulife - guaranteeing its purity and keeping grey market tampering and adulteration at bay. Glad im back to all my lifts without pain now - so its Time to get the game on with the new stack! Go Cellucor! :-) 

the facebook comments that happened ont his post aslo throw a lot of light on my choices and reasons, so sharing them also here:

  • Zain Saiyed Much Advertisement..
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke Much honesty in it.
  • Zain Saiyed Nice then..
  • Virender Saini Neulife sells every product more than 200% costlier against its original pricing
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke Read my comment on the grey market again. Don't just see a photo and hit like. I can sell you 75% adulterated protein powder with milk powder as protein powder for 50% the price of protein powder. I can't take that risk with my body if I'm putting 100% into my training. I value my time and my body. I'd rather not use supplements than use fake ones.
    With your body, it's your choice.
  • Virender Saini I didnt ask u to buy from grey market
    U can purchase it from abroad
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke Choose your training and nutrition programmes according to your goal and budget. This is my current stack, and it isn't cheap. But even I budget it according to my goals.
    Ofcourse if u can buy it from Abroad, it's cheaper. Our govt imposes huge taxes
    on import of supplements unfortunately. And not everybody has friends abroad to buy 25 kgs of supplements for them. Which is also why we come to rule no.1 - diet comes first. Supplements second.
  • Nishant Hiralal So guys, as an Advocate of Good health is there any effort from Neulife to get the government to understand the foolish taxes they are imposing on supplements. Not pointing fingers, but hoping that a bigger / louder shout is better heard than a small unknown one!!!
  • Soni Charde Pls excuse my presumptions.. i might be a naive for dis conversation, but according to my study if u r new to Caffeine, i.e. if u do not consume coffee or other caffeinated products, then u might want to start it with 1-1.5scoops.. else be prepared to wear a diaper during ur workout & while goin to bed
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke i dont know anybody in bodybuilding OR advertising, who is NEW to caffeine. im caffeine resistant anyways. i use epinephrine as my pre workout instead.
  • Zayeem Ahmed nope started out with caffeine tabs 200mg per tab, thankfully my ass survived! probably it varies form person to person!
  • Zayeem Ahmed Pushkaraj S Shirke whats the small box in front of cellucor whey?
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke whey + bcaa + preworkout + zma + ccm + multivits and antoxids + liv 52 + pain killers + nasal inhaler (i use it to clear my breathing before a heavy lift)

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