Thursday, October 9, 2014

Your Fitness Club: #LIVEFIT - Gym Advertising Campaign.

Pushkaraj S Shirke : Your Fitness Club: #LIVEFIT - Gym Advertising Camp...:

Brand: Your Fitness Club
Advert title(s): #LIVEFIT
Advertising Agency: Pushkaraj S Shirke, Mumbai, India

Creative Director, Copywriter and Photographer: Pushkaraj S Shirke
Art Director: Pushkaraj S Shirke
Pushkaraj S Shirke
Design: Surabhi Cholkar

Published: October 2014

Everyone who comes to Your Fitness Club is not an athlete or a professional bodybuilder - most of them are people like you and me, simple people with common lives, who want something more out of life - which makes it their reason to come to the gym and put in that effort to #LIVEFIT so that they can pursue their passion and live the life they want.

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