Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If the Victoria's Secret Ad was made by an Indian Brand, how hilarious would it be?

Victoria Secret's new ad is awesomeballs sexy. BUT i was just wondering what if this ad was to be made in India or why such awesome ads aren't made in India. Being and adman and a director who has worked on a variety of clients and also on a lingerie brand film, here's what came to my mind.

If this victoria's secret ad was by an indian lingerie brand, client feedback on the film would be like:


2. voiceover daalkey range aur features explain karo

3. jahan product shot hai wahan subtitle daal ke product explain karo

4. end with 'isiliye peheno XYZ'.

5. 30 seonds ka bano, paisa nahin hai air time ke liye.

6. opening shot kam karo, silhouettes hatao. jyaada prodict dikhao.

7. we need to target traditional women also. can we show some dupattas? or a woman in a salwar?

8. we need bigger breasts. these breasts are too small for a lingerie ad no?

9. we dont have money for locations, so lets shoot indoors. location CG kar dengey.

10. and again, can we have more time for the logo?

and i guess that answers my question. but hey, the VS awesome ad anyways. check it out:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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