Friday, January 16, 2015


A 'Critically Acclaimed' Movie gets an honest review.
Ugly as honesty can be, the review is clear and unbiased, listing out the pros and cons of the movie without giving out any spoilers.
Though his review of the movie is not a pretty one, I do suggest that you watch this movie in theatres to encourage cinema that doesn't revolve around love stories, in Bollywood.

Rating: 2/5 
maybe an emotionally 3/5 just for not being a romantic crap bollywood movie.
Pros: Casting, Dialogues, Concept, Direction, Acting.
Cons: Scriptwriting - specifically towards the second half, all music besides the title track, loopholes in the story and an overall miss at completing a story and tying the end together.

In short, great characters were created around a brilliant concept, but eventually, to no avail.

watch the video review for details:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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