Monday, August 31, 2015

#100DaysofStrong - Day 4,5,6 and 7 - Week 1

Made a few booboos in typing the day numbers. but you'll get the drift. Detailed notes will be available in the book #100daysofstrong . :)
From next week, the instagram feed will be a daily log . The blog will be updated weekly with a summary of the daily logs of the week - with extra notes and details.

#100DaysofStrong Day 5: rest day with regular carb meals. + #creatine stack info. As promised, here's my note on the creatine that I added to my stack yesterday. Creatine is scientifically proven to be the most efficient non-steroidal ergogenic. Most of the fears surrounding creatine usage come from public ignorance and the people's lack of understanding between creatine and creatinine. Creatine helps you recover faster and train harder especially for all explosive and strength movements by helping your body replenish the phosphate molecules in the adinosine tri phosphate molecules that produce energy on the cellular level. Creatine is best consumed in the creatine monohydrate form - but that requires you to supplement it with Alpha lipolic acid or dextrose to enable its absorption. Also it also causes high amounts of water retention in some people. Which is why I'm using Creatine Nitrate or Creatine Hcl. These compounds don't require carb loading or ALA for absorption and they don't cause water retention. Since I'm not a huge fan of multi stacking, I like my creatine in my preworkout itself. Though ideally, creating must be consumed post workout since your body requires upto 12 hrs to load the creatine into usable form to load up your atp cycles. Ideally you load creatine for a week by taking double the dose. And then you maintain it by taking just a single dose daily. Brands I recommend for creatine are: Creatine MonoHydrate from @optimumnutrition Creatine HCL from CONCRET Creatine Nitrate is a constituent of the @cellucor C4 preworkout. All of these are readily available on @teamneulife Cheers!
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