Saturday, April 2, 2016


This pic in which I look like a little boy in front of this hulk, is me with Sagar Kate - Bodybuilding National Rank 4. 

Bodybuilding is one sport in India that genuinely requires more awareness and exposure. Its been on the sidelines of every gully and naka in India and has yet never made it out of there. It has eternally been at the mercy of politicians and local supporters and goddamn corrupt federations and 'babugiri' groups. It is time the sport gets its due and some genuine professionalism. And its about time these spectacular athletes get whats worth the pain and suffering they endure for the sport they love.

I, personally, enjoy shooting amazing musculatures. and I respect the dedication and pain it involves. That is why even today when i shoot competitive bodybuilders of repute, I charge them lesser than what i generally charge for shoot. (I never shoot for Free out of principle - and i also never take anything for Free out of the same principle)
This is my way of supporting the sport of Bodybuilding and helping to promote it.
As a part of Project Battleready, For those who understand and love the sport of bodybuilding, I will soon be writing an article on my blog with some of my images that will be published for use free of charge. With only one request - IF YOU USE THOSE IMAGES, CREDIT THE ATHLETES THAT HAVE EARNED THOSE INCREDIBLE PHYSIQUES.
I will also be contributing some of my high resolution work on bodybuilding for free to international sites on which i'm a contributor. Hopefully, it will help these athletes of grit, reach the audience and respect they deserve.
Pushkaraj S Shirke

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