Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poorabie khare: Complicatedly Simple

Chubby, spectacled, petite. with a penguin like waddle in her walk. Frizzy hair that she obviously dosent give a damn about. Probably a back pack on her back - which is most probably full of stuff she's carrying for r others. Lost in a book maybe or listening to music.
If you ever come across her, you probably wouldnt even realise that you are wading around a storm of ideas, an ocean of thoughts and a giant jukebox of hindi songs. you wouldnt even have an idea. and by the time you'd discover it, you'll most probably be way too smitten already.
Atleast that's the effect she has on most people. without even trying.
actually, forget the word 'trying'. She won't even try. ever.
if she wants to, she will.
That's her. Poorabie Khare.
the most understated, unboastful, simple and silent storm of calm you'll ever come across.

In a world of people that are trying hard to prove this, to prove that, to do this, to do that... she's like a rock. well capabale of crashing all those shuddering, free sailing ships. well capable of anchoring them. she'll do either - without a reason at all. atleast that's how it would seem to those who dont know her.
You try pushing her, and you'll get nowhere. you try pulling her, she'll move without moving atall. she'll hold her ground... and you won't even know she did. infact, you might feel you won - until you realise, it was just the tides that moved under your hull. the rock stands where it is. right in the middle of that ocean. maybe just moving when it wants to - but you'd never know.

She's got more words and ideas than you could count. Her little scribbles, as and when they seep out, are genuine.... full of reality... painted in the undeniable truth that will keep you tied. a rare talent in a writer of any kind. yet she's comfortable doing her job as a 'peceptively' uncreative client servicing executive in a highly 'creative' agency. and doing it well. and loving it. Once you know her, you cannot help but pity the typically young upstart 'im so intelligent and creative' copywriter who might think she's just another drone in teh world of advertising. (atleast that's what most people think people in advertiisng servicing depts are).
What does she do for a job? she sells ideas. no big deal there. but she does it with absolute honesty. with no lies on her cv and no deceit in her mails. no fake excuses on her phonecalls and no exagerrations in her presentations. It's difficult to get used to - but its something this world needs a lot more of. If you put yourself in a client's shoes, you'll know exactly why. She's that one person you'd feel safe trusting your brand with. Same as you'd feel if you were a person - she's the one person you'd feel safe trusting yourself with. and it comes effortlessly. maybe with time. sometimes with instinct.

She'll laugh with abandon. Cry at a movie. No she wont bother hiding her tears if any. but she wouldnt bother bothering you with them either. She'll laugh at the stupidest jokes you crack. probably she's laughing at you - but you'd never know. It dosnt matter, coz she won't be laughing in malice. She crack something stupider just a few seconds later. She'll talk up a storm. and then be entirely silent. She'll walk with you and then jump in a puddle. You never know. She won't pity you for your tears. She won't shun you for them either. She'll be there while you let it out. and be there even after. she'll let you learn your lessons without telling you right or wrong - she'll be holding your cycle when you need it and letting go when you're not looking. Maybe you'll scarpe a knee or two with her. but you'll keep learning. And then she'll bid you goodbye and then still stay with you. And you might move a million miles away, but she'll still be there with you.

Some say she's too difficult. some feel she's too complicated. A few might even think there's just no way you can figure her out. but hey, the point is - why do you bother figuring out? why do you want to label people and put them in boxes? have you ever considered that maybe you yourself are so sold to the idea of complication and being contrived that you see even the existence of simplicity as a complicated occurence?

Some people, just are. No tangles. No reasons. No big twists in the tale. honest and true and unmoving. almost unbelieveable. That's her. My rock. My tower. My fortress of solitude. Poorabie Khare. She's Complicatedly Simple.

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. Impressed ..totally agree....Poorabie

  2. i told you she writes well... right? check this out: http://kharepoorabie.blogspot.com/2011/05/jaane-kyun-dil-jaanta-hai.html?showComment=1306127823364#c8857791014483463063


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