Monday, July 11, 2011

The Death of Long Copy in Advertising

This, is a purposely unpublished ad. So, HOW did YOU find it?
Either it was recommended/shared by a friend. Or you were probably actually intrigued by Long Copy, Advertising or Death. Well, either way, this is about the first two. So if death’s your interest, you’d want to tune out..right.. about.. now.
The others, might stay. MIGHT, I repeat. Because our attention span today is just a measly 6 seconds. Just a second more than a goldfish. (Metaphorically, flapping around aimlessly in the web bowl.)

This’ll take a while to understand. So, if reading this keeping you from watching some ‘funny lol cat’ youtube video or from reducing a relationship to a LOL on a wall, please go ahead. This has no such thing. Go.

Please don’t blame those who left. Genuine intelligence or interest is a rare asset these days.
Look around. Search Engine driven words, Gifs and funny LOL videos, memes, interactive ads. Oh so much fun! Who the hell wants long copy? Who wants words? Who wants to read? 

The internet age is all about user driven material. What the people want, the people get. So if the mediocre majority wants fun more than knowledge, in a profiteering society, that’s what they’ll get. For companies fooling people into buying without thinking, the lesser people think, the better it is. They’ll sponsor the fun, if that’s what it takes! (didn’t sleazy TV shows take over your TV already?)

The funny thing is, even 50% of those still reading this are probably expecting a #, bookmark, animation or some kind of 'share' or 'read later' tag on this. (did you think of moving your cursor on the highlight? Most would.) That’s how hasty we’ve become. Surprisingly, it takes actual effort to resist! And honestly, I’ve grown to respect those who can. And it’s for a reason. For instance, talk to a person who reads, or watches documentaries, or backpacks. You’ll see that these are people who take their time, actively pursue their interest, and in return know more than what just dazzles on the surface. Just by the way, if you are still here, you are probably one of them. Respect.

People like you. That’s what this ad is about. People who refuse to be dumbed down into temptation by just a pseudo-intelligent line and a funky visual. People who are willing to actually pay interest to what catches their attention. People who actually realize the difference between the two. It is people like you who will keep long copy alive in advertising, even after it is dead (to the masses). For no matter how heuristic driven society may get or glitzy advertising might become… there will always be people like you. People who need honest persuasion. People who appreciate the finer crafts of life. People who are willing to resist, read and think. And that’s what really matters.

So, YES, all the evidence around contemporary society does indeed prove it – right on the surface -
Long Copy in Advertising is indeed DEAD.

Pushkaraj Shirke
Creative Group Head - Copywriter   Draft FCB+Ulka

PS: If you skipped directly to the last line, as most are likely to - save yourself the mockery. DON’T share this.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I made a spelling mistake in the earlier comment, hence the re-post.

    Long copy is surely dying. Intelligent copy died a long time ago.

    Great article.

  3. its not dead. its only dead on the surface. as i said, for the readers of long copy, and for the people of intellect - long copy will always live on.

  4. How do you define intelligent copy? Clients opine that putting lots and lots of jargon makes for intelligent copy.

    I think if clients could trust their copy teams/agencies a little more, intelligent copy (or even long copy)would see the light of day more often.


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