Monday, July 18, 2011


NOTE: this is the original tamil version. not the soppy remakes that might follow. i do not vouch for the bollywood remake.

monkeyrating: 7/10 

Kollywood Action Drama Crime

waddabout: A small town honest cop with absolute machismo gets into a mega-faceoff with a big time city gangster.

isay: Watch it! Ultimate indian grindhouse cinema this is!  it is an all out entertainer! action, comedy and true south indian style drama - all packed into one! The exagerrations will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter!!!! (honestly, i dont know if the action scenes were meant to be comic, but they fucking are!!!! my stomach is still hurting!)

monkeyrespect to: SURIYA - the guy is an incredible actor and has managed to deliver a striking performance even in a grindhouse commercial, masala flick! the director has done a brilliant job keeping the tempo high at all points - a brilliant work of screenplay in terms of interspersing high octane moments with light hearted comedy - where i must mention the brilliantly comic performances that leave you rolling with laughter!!!!
but the script miserably loses pace in the second half: which btw is a usual feature in indian cinema. 

trivia note:
 the movie is being remade (as usual) in bollywood. with the same title. But set in goa instead of chennai.

Watch the trailer: 

AND THE FUN AINT COMPLETE WITHOUT WATCHING THIS SPOOF ON INDIA's prime minister - made by morphing the trailer of the bollywood remake of this film: HILLLARIOUSS!!! :

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  1. Though I don't like using words like Bollywood (to represent the Hindi cinema) or the many wood's that people use. Tollywood is used to denote the Telugu industry! For Tamil, it's Kollywood (from Kodambakam, the epi-center of the Tamil film industry).

    So the genre needs addressing. With regards to your review, yes, the film is all that you said & more :)

  2. thanks macha. change made! correction appreciated :)
    check out the spoof on manmohan singh - i just updated that! :D


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