Friday, August 5, 2011

13 assasins (2010)

monkeyrating: 8/10 

 drama action adventure history

A group of men of honor come together to assassinate an evil shogun.

isay: this movie will make you want to go beserk with a katana all over the yard!!!! insanely awesome!!! 

monkeyrespect to: Takashi Miike - This director has acommplished a task almost impossible - REMADE an incredible classic in a way that's not just TRUE to its epicness, story and soul, but also remarkably a more well shot film! An entertainer with its sense and sensibilities intact!

The action choreographer and the cinematographer have done a brilliant job! They've made the camera literally sway with the action. I'm pretty keen on action scenes and yet i found it almost impossible to find any wedge between the flawlessly choreographed scenes - WHICH ALSO POINTS ANOTHER ACT OF BRILLIANCE - SEAMLESS EDITING!
The sound is brilliant too - explosive and cutting. but the music doesn't stay in you head. it just leaves you wishing it would.

Watch the trailer: 

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