Monday, August 22, 2011

City of God (Citade de Deus)

monkeyrating: 9/10 

 drama crime

waddabout: a tale of the circle of life through the lives of the youths living in the very violent, crime soaked slums of CITADE DE DEUS. And its based on a true story!

isay: if i ever make a movie - this is how it will be! the movie ain't just a movie - its a story of life. a tale worth being told and a visual experience worth being experienced! absolutely timeless!

monkeyrespect to: 
Director Fernando Meirellesgets all the monkey respect monkey can give - the movie is god-fucking-fantabulous! the way the story is told is just brilliant in every way. this movie is a storyteller's dream!

The cinematography will have you gripped in the first 10 minutes itself - and what's more is that it dosent slack all through the movie. so definite monkeyrespect and the well deserved oscar to
 César Charlone. The camera movements and techniques put CG to shame! 
The editing by 
Daniel Rezende is so slick!!!! not at one point do you feel that any part of the story's fabric is ruptured! despite being such a long and complicated!!! almost as if the editing is invisible! that's the true art of a master tailor - a dress that stupefies you, but without a single hem or stitch ever being visible! 

trivia note: All of the amateur actors were recruited from favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro, and a couple of them - eg. Buscapé/Rocket actually lived in the Cidade de Deus
Watch the trailer: 

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