Monday, August 8, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the apes

pandarating: 8/10
monkeyrating: 7/10
(applies for non hard core P.O.T.A fans)

genre: Action drama Sci-fi

makers: Director: Rupert Wyatt
Writers: Pierre Boulle, Rick Jaffa, and 1 more credit »Stars: James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto

waddabout: A genetically enhanced chimp who displays near human intelligence is raised up by a geneticist.

isay: The movie is well written and well executed. At 97 minutes the runtime might feel a tad short for this kind of drama/action movie but it holds the viewers attention and gets it point across. atleast extremely well for the first half.
The movie is full of small homage's to the first movie - so hardcore POTA fans gotta love it!

pandarespect to: The studio and the makers for attempting a reboot after 2001's weird Goth Planet of the apes with a twist in the end which made ZERO sense. This movie is a prequel of sorts to 1968's Planet movie and might spin off into its own franchise.
The biggest selling and potentially stumbling point of the movie is the CGI, all the apes are computer generated and one can only imagine how much work went into making them look this real. Other than super expressive eyes, the apes looked completely real, and better than Navi's in 2009's Avatar for the simple reason that these apes are in real world San Francisco and not a new planet. Some people might say the CGI is obvious, but its only obvious because we know them to be CGI, to a layman they look and act real.

trivia note: "Get your filthy hands off me you damn dirty ape" makes a big comeback with a very surprising Theater gasping word spoken at the end of that dialog. SEE the movie to find out what was said and by whom. SHOCKER IT IS!!!!!

View the trailer: 

for the review of the ORIGINAL  - PLANET OF THE APES:

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