Monday, November 21, 2011

The Ides Of March

monkeyrating: 8/10

waddabout: a film adaptation of the play Farragut North. The story of an idealistic employee of a new presidential candidate and his crash course in dirty, back stabbing politics during the campaign.

isay: the movie is a MUST WATCH. Very few movies manage to be slow, not action packed and yet be gripping. THIS, is ONE of those RARE ones! its a crash course in screenplay, the beauty of play-writing and in the use of music for drama.

#i admit: i have a thing for playa converted to movies - coz being a theatre actor, i love plays, and being me, i love movies! this movie had the best of both worlds, just like 12 angry men. 

monkeyrespect to: GEORGE CLOONEY. The man has made a masterpiece! he made a good decision by not hogging the screen himself and directing ryan and silence to do most of the talking in the movie. Great call! the man is going to bag awards by the dozen for this one!
RYAN GOSLING. the guy is growing into a really fine actor! subtle facial expressions, no over acting and perfect pauses. he's really a guy to look out for!
ALEXANDRE DESPLAT. the man behind the music of this film - i hope for an OSCAR for this dude! every scene has music that foretells the future... the entire MOOD fo the film is created by the music and the silence between dialogues. simply brilliant!

watch the trailer: 

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  1. I liked it, infact I read this and then watched it. Superb is the word here!


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