Thursday, November 17, 2011

Designing a Logo

A friend asked me to deign a logo for his brand: DANCE UNDERGROUND. Its a label that deals with musicians and DJs and underground music events across the country.
So i started off with a few scrawls to get the feel of the intended communication.

Unlike most digital artists, i like to actually hand-draw my concepts and icons onto paper even before i go onto the machine. i use as little technology as possible - coz somehow, i find it adds more character and personality to the things i create. ofcourse there are people who directly kick ass on coreldraw and photoshop alone. but hey, this is me. so off i got to drawing little icons and cues that suggested what the brand needed to communicate and what the brand stood for. after a paper full of these, i picked out the best ones, and singled them out into recognizable logo units.

Once i had created a logo unit using the cues i wanted, i scanned the basic sketch and on came photoshop.
Which brought me to choosing the font. i LOVE hand-drawn fonts, but the kind of cleanness the preset fonts have is kinda irreplaceable. so picked a font i liked. out came the brushes and the layers and poof!
The final 2D logo for DANCE UNDERGROUND was ready:
Then came the task of adding dimension and texture to the elements. Since this is a unit that is mostly for the web and visual mediums, a 3D rendered logo made sense. So i got on to that task.
A little steel, a little leather, a little neon and a few sprays and liquids - and we were done.
The final logo of DANCE UNDERGROUND was created:
(to be uploaded once release permission is acquired)

and that's the way the cookie crumbles. and a logo is designed. from concept - to final design.
Pushkaraj Shirke

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