Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Monkeyrating: 9/10
(i'm a hardcore tintin fan, so i admit my bias towards the movie. I have given it a rating of one point higher than what i would have otherwise given. also below, is my take on the synopsis.)

Waddabout: a mix of Herge's Tintin and the Crab with the Golden claws and Tintin and the secret of the unicorn.

isay: WATCH IT IN 3D! after AVATAR, KP2 and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, i think only this movie does true justice to 3D! besides, its awesome visually, storywise and action wise! Go watch it!!!! worth buying the DVD too!
PS: i have ALL the tintin books - so the DVD is a definite addition!

Monkeyrespect to: The man  who never dissapoints: STEVEN SPIELBERG! to work a much loved classic is one thing - to actually bring it to life without compromising on any of its awesomeness, is entirely another! and he's done it!!! absolutely brilliant!
Peter Jackson's influence is visible in the grandiosity of the landscapes and the cretion of world almost so real in its attention to detail. also in the picking of the cast. i bet he's the one who got Andy Serkis aboard!
The animation team on this one, PREPARE FOR THE OSCARS  BITCHES! you'll are winning it! HANDS DOWN!
oh just one more: ANDY SERKIS as the voice of HADDOCK - love the man!!!! just PERFECT!

Watch the Trailer:

The original book Covers:

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