Monday, October 24, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: horror

waddabout: set in 1988, the movie explores the origins of a haunting that continues for 3 decades. (prequel to part 1 and 2)

isay: though part 1 was a GREAT student/indie film but yet boring. part two just sucked and was a total waste - an absolute commercialised horror flick that lost its essence.
this was my review of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 1&2. BUT: part 3 comes and delivers with a BANG! THIS is a HORROR film!

#note: despite the end not living up to the INTELLIGENT HORROR of the film, it is definitely one of my recommended must watch horror films to watch! intelligent, thought through, well made and scary.

monkeyrespect to: the writers and the director of this film! brilliant shit! especially OREN PELI - the man who has been holding this movie together since its inception in part 1. simple, effective film-making and a gripping story works its wonders here!
the child actress,chole csengery, is definitely a little bundle of talent to watch out for.

watch the trailer: though most of what you see in the trailer aint there in the film, it'll give you a soft preview of what to watch out for. but if you want to save the scares for later, i suggest you skip the trailer ;)

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