Monday, October 17, 2011

The NEULIFE film: The Anatomy of Achievement

Team Neulife Athlete: Mr. neulife: Ankur Sharma
The man is a monster by body and a humble man by heart. it's humbling to even meet him face to face.  Every  scene he did, he did for real - no dummy weight - pure iron and pure muscle! The images have not been touched up as in other commercials - this is what PURE MUSCLE is all about. Sheer Belief. Sheer Grit. Sheer Power!

Team Neulife Athlete: Khushnoor Jijina
Mixed martial arts champion, commonwealth champion in karate and the undefeated FCC champion of India.

Team Neulife Model, Boxer and Athlete: Sudev Nair

 it is so difficult to not disclose anything about my first commercial film as an independent director.Especially when it looks so bloody darn amazing! all i can share for now is my thanks to the team that made it possible:
DOP: Anuj Samtani
Line producers: Rohon Nag and Saket Iyer

Editor: Amit Shetty

Writer - Director: Pushkaraj Shirke (self)

to know more about the brand that is bringing international nutritional advantages to India for the past 10 years, supporting true athletes and making such films possible, check out: 

Look forward to this space for more details, more stills, the making of and More!

- Pushkaraj Shirke

PS: and my personal thanks go out to my friend and the creator of Neulife, Samit Gupta, for giving me the opportunity to create this piece of work for him. 

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