Monday, October 3, 2011


monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: Drama Action Crime

waddabout: a hollywood stunt driver who also takes up TRANSPORT jobs for thugs and criminals finds himself on a mafia hit-list after he gets involved in a complicated heist.

isay: if you watch it expecting an action movie, you will be dissapointed. the movie is an incredibly well directed, tricklingly slow DRAMA - a character piece - and a marvel at that. watch it for that, and you'll be spellbound. its extremely 'real' and seeps into your skin.

monkeyrespect to: the director Nicolas Winding Refn. honestly, before this movie, i dint even know his name! But the way he has made this movie a slow-warm-burning piece of character drama, he deserves an applause. But an oscar? maybe not. Not yet.

#this song from the movie soundtrack is stuck in my head: A REAL HERO

watch the trailer:

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