Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real Steel

though there is a commercial poster of the film, i like this limited edition poster. im a sucker for retro art.

monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: drama action sci-fi

waddabout: In a future where robot boxing has taken over real boxing, a down-n-out ex-boxer who is on a losing streak finds out that he has a 11-yr-old as adamant as him - and ends up undertaking a journey he never expected.

isay: its an entertainer. the emotional scenes are quite boring - but the action and the comedy - is goddamn steel and gravy! a complete fun watch!

monkeyrespect to: Shawn Levy has finally made it from gimmicky films to not so gimmicky films - much more importantly, he's made a commercial 'concept', into a good movie - the screenplay is standard textbook screenplay (though a little slow at the beginning) + he managed to merge rocky with transformers and give us an amazing film yet + he's made the robots quite human and yet steely - a tough task to achieve!

i think we should look out for Dakota Goyo - the boy is good at his act and you actually look forward to his expressions and antics - a real pointer to a good actor in the future. look out for him.
and of course - i'm biased towards Hugh Jackman - the man's plain awesome charisma on screen as far as i'm concerned - though in this movie, his acting skills are grossly under utilized.

Watch the trailer:

the commercial poster: 

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