Monday, October 10, 2011

50 things about me you already know... or not.

here i go - tagged again. and feeling too stressed out to think or work for the moment. so filling out a tag sheet - of 50 things about me. damn this slef indulgent waste of time. neways, here goes:

1. i LOVE films.
2. the only things that makes me angry easily is the sight of people hitting animals.
3. i'm dyslexic. and proud of it.
4. i love acting and have won plenty of stuff for it - but i would never make it my profession.
5. forget smoking, alcohol and drugs - i've realised that being truthful is more injurious to health and life than them all. and yet i wont quit it. atleast i haven't as yet.
6. i had set fire to my building terrace as a kid.
7. my first crush was my nursery teacher. i cried when she got married.
8. i'm extremely resistant to cold - i've swum in every water body in kashmir.
9. i'm working on and want to build a self sustainable habitat/living system before i die.
10. i love dancing. and martial arts. and working out. i think i love all physio-kinetic arts.

11. i never take autographs. i believe if you admire someone, take that inspiration and rise to their level as equals and meet them rather than run around them with a pen and paper.
12. i hate taking favours. even if its from my own family.
13. i've never cried out for help. and i don't expect anyone to be there for me when i'm in need.
14. i have biked all over the country, but i never drive.
15. singing is my achilles heel. its the one thing i cannot do. and the one thing that makes any woman 10X more attractive in my eyes.
16. most of my closest friends are people who've hated me initially.
17. to me the opposite of love is not hate. its indifference.
18. i can never unlove someone i love. the intensity though, may change.
19. different people mean different emotions to me. and also i see most people as animals.
20. being loved without ever having to lie is my ideal of unconditional love.

21. i don't like my birthday.
22. my first job was selling phenyl, bags and socks from door to door. and i used to skip lunch to save some money.
23. i've had 13 fractures. now i have a severe neck complication since i was 18.
24. i'm manic depressive. and some of my best works of art and prose are rooted in that.
25. being a stunt director, a barber, a naval pilot, a vet or a scientist were my childhood ambitions.
26. 'modesty' is not my cup of tea. i find it to be the most commonly used farce by those most immodest.
27. Japanese culture interests me. so does animal behaviour.
28. black is my fav colour. but when i'm painting, purple flows naturally through me.
29. I admire Leonardo Da Vinci, Clint Eastwood and Julian Assange.
30. I used to be a scaredy kid! but now,  hardly anything ever scares me. except free falling upside down from heights.

31. i love chocolate with almonds and nuts.
32. my mom is my mom. my dad is my best friend. and all my relationships are so simple that they seem complicated to people accustomed to live in institutions.
33. my concepts of god, death and love are experiential derivations, not pre-learned concepts of fiction.
34. i'm a trivia and knowledge hound. wikipedia was a dream come true for me.
35. i love clicking people. its a biography at view.
36. to me, the law ain't the same as justice. i support capital punishment. euthanesia. castration and amputative punishment.
37. i don't have even a single pair of formal clothes.
38. i talk to absolute strangers just out of curiosity. also to people i find interesting or inspiring. i study them.
39. i love reading excerpts of Kahlil Gibran.
40. i believe sex is to a relationship what money is to a job.

41. i want to win an oscar.
42. i love advertising, but i don't chase advertising awards. i'm happy making advertising that actually works.
43. i prefer making love to making coffee every morning. its a better way to wake up.
44. I never really liked reading novels. graphic novels and comics were more my palate.
45. I believe in learning. not in education.
46. i love letting the people i love know how much they are loved in any way i can, everytime i can... coz i believe that's the only regret death can leave me with. of not having loved them enough.
47. i also want to be fighting fit and completely independant till i die. i intend to take hermitage someday.
48. i want to travel the world.
49. i loathe commercialism. i want to live away from 'too much civillization'.
50. i want to live a life that no one else can. and i will.

if you've read this, you're tagged. and you need to write this note. funny thing is, it actually helps find yourself a little bit :)

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. Hi
    This is an interesting article. Is it aimed at someone special? I have been following your blog for sometime now & its really awesome. You have come a long way. But your article on 'True Love' did not appeal to is more like 'Relationship according to Convenience'. This is sad to see that a guy like you do not believe in Love & this is because you have never loved someone unconditionlly...I know your a media guy & Media world is like that...Media world is very fake & flashy...just dont become one of them to please someone...Be what you are & then see how the world looks at you. Dont take this in a bad sense...take just as an advice from a Wellwisher... :D

    1. Hi
      I was waiting for your reaction & really want to know your views....This means either you are very busy or pissed off about this comment....

  2. before you think that someone else is wrong and you can 'correct' them, for a moment consider what coul be worse than standing in the wrong and believing you are correct. read what you wrote, you sound so much like those well wishing aunties who tried to cure their nephews of being Homosexual with babas and tantriks coz they thought it was wrong.

    and "This is sad to see that a guy like you do not believe in Love & this is because you have never loved someone unconditionlly"?? really? how well do you know me? have we had sex before? or are you that intimate with me everyother day to know this? or anyother fcet of my romantic life?

  3. Pushki Pushki..!!! <3 <3 Very touchy..!! I likes..!! :)

  4. :)
    I love it !
    Especially 2,6,17,18,20,26,31,49 :)

  5. You forgot to mention, you like taking walks with Diego from 12 to 2am ;-)


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