Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what is sexy? is there a universal formula to it?

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"What is 'sexy'? Across countries, cultures and all kinds of people, I have found a pattern that suggests a common thread. Like a DNA of what is 'perceived' a being sexually attractive beyond just the looks. In the simplest, most basic way, the ATGC code of the universally 'sexy' seems to comprise of being Fit, Intelligent, Compassionate and Rich. Yes, as much as ever you may deny it, money does make a huge difference to how you are percieved. All these 4 factors have a way of overriding other logical reasoning functions and are very much tied to basic human nature. The basic procreation instinct has a huge role to play in the creation of this heuristic and can be traced back to reasons as basic as survival right back to the time human beings were cave dwelling apes.
 -Pushkaraj S Shirke (Article on how attraction works)

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