Sunday, March 9, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

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300: Rise of an Empire 

Monkeyrating: 6/10 
I would have given it a 7 if it had a story and was atleast a bit historically accurate/weapons accurate.

what about: the movie is an add on to 300. this story runs parallel to the 300 - it covers, before, during and after that time. Its the story of themistokles, a greek general who is leading the battle against the mortal turned god - xerxes and his sister and brutal commander - Artemisia.
What to watch out for: Eva Green's sheer sexiness and evil. Amazing fight choreography and slow motion violence poetry. The character design Is still very 'frank miller'esque and that's awesome.

Defects: the lack of Zack Snyder is pretty evident. As mentioned before, the historical and weapon technique authenticity sucks. And the lack of a gripping story is smeared with over abuse of blood and gore special effects. Worth a watch none the less.

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