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Before India makes a Mass murderer its Prime Minister

I know for a fact that BJP will win. Cause 80% of the voters are uneducated and even 80% of the educated seem to be uneducated. they are completely guillible to mass media bashing and fake fervour. Most of the country wants to be seen as rooting against corruption, but will vote for corruption. Most of the country has developed a sense of self entitlement that roots deep into them - where they belive they deserve jobs, status, power etc just because they belong to a certain caste or group. This is something that might take ages to wash away. unfortunately.
I personally want AAP to win - but that wont be possible.

I belong to a generation where people wish for a revolution, but sleep while it brews. 

Lots of people have been questioning why i support AAP even though i'm so sure it wont win.
Well, its cause i'm not blind. I see the truth. and i wont stand by as evil takes over a nation. and i definitely wont let regret get the better of me in the future when my kids ask me why did you let it happen? did you do nothing at all? despite being a serial non-voter, this time, i will cast my vote - i'll cast my vote for hope. because this time, it actually does exist.

Read this article from MAHESH MURTHY. It goes on to clear a lot of facts about the what and why of the choices we are about to make a nation : 

So this is a big ask - do you have 45 minutes for me? I could say it could make a big difference in the next 5 years for you. But that would probably be an exaggeration. Okay, this could make a small difference at least, I think.

I've been writing and posting for 3 weeks now, and during this period I've probably put out six or seven long posts and a couple of dozen image posts. During this time, I've also had 8 friends block and/or delete me for these posts. And about 1,600 new friend requests - sorry folks, Facebook restricts me to 5,000 - so I can't add you all - thank you for following me, and bear with me.

During this time, I've also had my parentage questioned, my sexual behaviour with my children speculated upon, my political ambitions announced, near-daily death threats, deep speculations on how much AAP pays me (zero, by the way) or Congress pays me (also zero, by the way) and that this is a deep plot by Pinstorm one of my investee companies (which has done work for multiple political parties including BJP and AAP and which has nothing to do with any of my posts which I write and design myself) topped off with of course the standard BJP response to any uncomplimentary thoughts - that of having defective DNA - or being a "retard" or "aaptard" or "kejritard" or whatever they come up with. Quite amazing, I don't get death threats from Congress fans, or from AAP fans when I critcise either. I guess BJP fans are a very insecure and sensitive lot. Quite a fun journey these three weeks have been.

But hey, I'm still here, and I haven't changed my mind on a single thing. I still believe, more than ever, that the Congress and BJP are both wrong choices for us.
My support has been for India's youngest, newest, most impressive political party, the AAP. Is it perfect? Nope. It's barely a year old. Can they govern? Sure - there's no big deal to ruling the country - the day to day stuff is run by babus anyway - and the job of the politician is to set policy that works for the people and to keep the babus honest. I am reasonably sure that neither the BJP nor the Congress can do this, given how they've let private and personal interests rule policy - and overseen how our bureaucracy and babudom have been corrupted from top to bottom by the termites of bribery. So all the experience both parties claim is in the wrong field - it is in corrupt, policy-less administration. Not in what we need.

What would I like to do? It'd be great if you could read what I have to say - and see if you could vote for the AAP. Or better, share this with your friends so THEY can read it all. No vote for the AAP is wasted - as it is one less vote for the old, corrupt termite-ridden way of life we all grew up in. And this is the first real opportunity in my lifetime and perhaps yours to reduce the power of the termites in the Congress and BJP.
The biggest thing the AAP has done, as even a hardcore BJP fan will admit, is the national prominence it has received in such a short time - with not a single media rupee to spend, and come up ahead of the Congress in many folks' eyes as the only party that can stop or slow the evil BJP juggernaut. This is classic David versus Goliath stuff, and I'm rooting for David. Do read what I have to say, and see if you would like to root for David too.

Here are the pieces I've written so far, all in one place. Between them, they've gotten over 10,000 shares, so it's possible some 25 to 50 lakh people may have seen one or two or more of these pieces. Read on to see what you might have missed. Hey, even one vote changed as a result would be nice

My first thought was that the AAP did not need to win 272 seats in this election to win the country - they could win as little as 2 or 3 seats and still do so. So your vote won't be in vain:

The response to that was "OMG, how can you support a man who ran away from Delhi?" I simply answered saying, hey, they didn't run away, they simply lost control of the assembly and resigned, exactly like A B Vajpayee's government did when it lasted 13 days' to the Kejriwal government's 49 days. Here it is, deleted by someone and resurrected:

By then I had friends in business telling me - "Why are you opposing Modi - he's good for business, na?". And I had to answer, saying, nope, long term the BJP is not good for business. Here's that piece

Of course that brought up the entire Reliance gas price issue, where we figured that the Ambani's son-in-law was Gujarat Petroleum Minister, and trying hard to recommend that Reliance get 6 times the original contracted price for extracting our gas.. Here's the gas story:

In spite of all the rationale and facts I presented, I sensed some emotional hold that Modi held over many people. I tried to peer behind that curtain to see what I could find - in this piece - Why do so many of us love Modi?

The reaction to that piece was quite strange, with many people parroting that "But Modi got a clean chit from the Special Investigative Tribunal or SIT". Digging a little deeper showed that it wasn't true - he had received no clean chit:

After presenting all this, I sensed some unwillingness in a group of people to see the truth. And wrote about that in Buyer's Remorse:

That's it for now. Do go through this - it should take all of 45 minutes, if that.
And, yes, have a nice day.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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  1. I have followed your FB posts on this topic for a while, and though I disagree with you, I wud rather not comment on Facebook. My opinion is not for all. Nothing against AAP apart from the fact that they are too young and need lot more time before being entrusted the responsibility of taking part in Lok Sabha.

    Now the big question - is BJP really as communal as media has made it out to be? It is actually the other way round
    1.) The split originally happened because the Nehru lead part of congress said - Jinha cud never lead India as this is Hindustan and he is not Hindu. (So the demand for non-Hindus).
    2.) Creating reservations, blocking seats, giving special privileges (it is ok to some extent on gender) is the easiest way creating a talking point and making either side feel unfair. Congress has done that time and again - also in 2014 with Jats in UP.
    4.) There have been tons of riots pan India under Cong rule - right from Assam to Punjab to UP.
    3.) BJP in fact has been on the other side saying no reservations, not even special status for Kashmir. I am not saying there have been no riots.
    4.) There are idiots on all most all parties - latest example a statement by one of the AAP leaders.
    5.) The bigger factor is - have you seen the media change in last six months? From abusing and bashing Modi at every possible point to almost praising him, now that it is almost evident that Congress is on the verge of losing?
    6.) A party which has ruled India for 85 per cent of its independent years has so much control on media. Doesn't it surprise you that when the entire central mechanism was out to prove him guilty, they still cudn't manage to? I have seen you talk about how tons of fake fitness guys fool people through media propaganda - don't you think that is exactly what Congress has been doing starting 2002?
    7.) I have friends in Gujarat - both communities, also both rich and poor - and what I hear from them is a lot different from what I have heard in newspapers.


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