Friday, April 25, 2014

India: Democracy for Dummies

I live in an amazing country. 
Our two major political parties have turned democracy into a joke for dog years. They have been fooling the country out of its basic needs from way before I was even born. But of course, that is perfectly fine to our people. That is our India. 'Aisa hi chalta hai' they say. We are cheap people who deserve to be cheated by the rich, political and powerful. And when real democracy attempts to rise, we listen to the paid media spaces of the parties in power instead.
we are more responsive to suggestions via ads, cricket match sponsorships and televised dramas. We don't want to use our brains, we want our thinking spoon fed to us via hoardings and newspaper coverpages and media dramas that cost billions - without even wondering where that money comes from. We as a mass today are proud of our mass incapacity to think for ourselves. We pride ourselves on our mob mentality even as an individual. We are the people who encourage goons and murderers to be out leaders. And then we all sit back and enjoy the mediocrity of our country, the theft of out national wealth, the exploitation of the masses and simply blame the system. 
This is my India. 
The world's largest 'democracy'.
- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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