Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Powder Waali Body - The 'Convenient Wisdom' about Supplements and Bodybuilding

In India, every now and then i come across the standard fitness illiterate passing his or her vernacular judgement on people with visibly good physiques or people they see taking supplements. "Powder waali body", they say mockingly.

The best way to deal with these idiots, i realized is to rub it in their faces and not give a royal f**k about it.
Rather than sit around and educate all these people about how protein works and why it is essential for athletes to have protein supplementation, say yes and move on. We have better things to do in life.

People generally think that bodies built with supplements are weaker and that's thanks to loads of idiots who can afford supplements and have them and yet train like little gym kittens - getting great muscular hypertrophy but no true strength within. They're the kind that bunk leg day and do a double-triple abs day for multiple endless reps. They're the kind that have been misguided to think that they need to choose between hypertrophy and strength and cant have both.
STRENGTH is a more function of HOW you train rather than how you supplement, even though both are important. And that is a fact. But you cant go around explaining this to every idiot. So don't give a F and just say yes - and move on.

So now i'm gonna wear this design on my tee at my seminars on fitness and at public events.
Looking forward to it.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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