Monday, September 7, 2015

#100DaysofStrong - Week 2

#100DaysofStrong day 9: back to workout with a back workout! Coming back after a skipped workout gives you that extra desire to finish what you missed. Making you go that extra mile. Today I clocked in a great deadlifting session along with a complete back workout. Finished it up with a great meal of fish and prawns. Perfect way to end a day. Tomorrow I will upload my complete nutrition details. After that I will be uploading my workouts with detailed workout plans that you can also follow if you are at an advanced stage. Will do a beginners article too later. So that everyone can get strong :-) #strong #strength #fitness #gym #lifestyle #project #100days #book PS: the book, when released will have in detail articles on all these posts and also notes from various people that train with me and those that I train.
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#100daysofstrong #day10 overhead presses. One of my favorite workouts. An integral part of your pushing muscles. I don't do strict presses. I do push presses, push jerks and split jerks - which are Olympic movements that allow you to lift way more weight and contribute much better in overall strength development and sheer pushing power. Infact, the one lift of mine that I'm most proud of is the overhead press. When i started, i used to be afraid of the OHP. I could hardly OHP 25 kgs. But after learning the lift at k1 with my coach @kaizzadcapadia , i progressed dramatically. By leaps and bounds. A bodyweight ohp is considered a good milestone and I crossed that milestone a year ago - notching up an OHP of 90 kgs in the split jerk at bodyweight 70 kgs. Love the sheer feeling of having such a heavy weight swung way over your head! It's sheer adrenaline. #fitness #strength #strong #gym #strengthtraining #k11 #k11strongchallenge
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#100daysofstrong One of the evil pleasures of being strong as hell ;-) showoff :-D but actually, its a great motivator. On the @k11fitnessacademy gym floor where I workout, everybody lifts heavy. So nothing you do ever wows anyone. But some days when I'm feeling low or need a pep, I go workout in a regular commercial gym. And suddenly my regular workout turns into a spectator sport. And it's fun! Most commercial gyms have never witnessed small, lean guys who can lift heavier than the big, bulked up guys. It's fun to see their reactions. It's even more fun to see the big guys back off and move to other weights because they have just been beaten at a game they thought was their own. When you outlift the weights they lift with all their grunting and screaming and drama, silently and as if its a prep set, their faces are worth watching. It's an evil pleasure I admit. But I bloody love it. Being small and lean but beast strong feels incredible. And there's no other feeling like it. #strong #gym #strength #training #guiltypleasure #confession
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The ideal body pipe-dream: Magazines and misleading facebook groups often put up posts with options like this - because people fall for it! Even big supplement companies and 'celebrity' trainers indulge in shit like this. The fact is, no matter what you do, unless it's surgical, you cannot pick a physique from a catalogue and get it. No matter how hard you work for it, what training you do or what supplements you take, or what diet you follow or what God you freakkin worship! The basic principle is that your body 'structure' is determined by your genetics. No exercise will make round pecs more square, no supplement will make genetically small calves ultra swole, no training will make your hip bones narrower than they are, and nothing will give you an 8 or 6 pack if your genetic compositions gives you only 4 rectus abdominus blocks. Workout, diet and supplementation will only hypertrophy or atrophy what you already have in your genetic constitution. Having said that, there's always that bunch of jokers that believe steroids can do anything. Well, even steroids can't change your basic genetic structure. Steroids won't make your waist narrow and your biceps 'peak' or your shoulders wide and your abs a 6 pack if you don't genetically have those features. Steroids at most will hypertrophy what you already have by keeping your body in an anabolic state - while most often ruining your liver and sexual organs when abused (so be warned). Muscle and bone structure is a genetic factor that cannot be changed. Period. Infact, steroids and gh can alter the bone density and often change it in ways you may not like - for eg causing acromaglia that makes you look like an ape by body structure and by the face. So before you fall for such shit, please get educated. It will save you from being taken for a royal ride. #fitness #education #physique #bodyimage #bodybuilding #gym #lifestyle
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- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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