Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#100DaysofSTRONG Week 3 - Failure, Pitfalls and Triumph

Week 3 began with failure.
Challenged me with hardships and illness.
But ended in triumph of the spirit.

#100daysofstrong what a failed lift looks like? This. If you have never failed,it only means you have not dared to break beyond. Greatness is not built on success. Success is merely the shiny roof on a foundation of of rock hard failures. If you really want greatness, dare to push yourself hard, prepare for success but dare to fail, prepare for greatness but then dare to fail harder. That's my mindset. Today I made the mistake of jumping weights up to my one RM straight after a strong 5 RM. When you say RM - its a 'rep max'. It's the absolute max you can lift at that weight. After the 5 RM, I was already fatigued. But somehow, with a boost of misplaced confidence, I decided to attempt my known 1 RM - and failed. But what matters is that I tried. I personally, never end a set on failure. So post this set, I immediately halved the weight and pushed in a set of 10 reps. It's a variation of 'dynamic effort sets' popularly used in powerlifting training that I will discuss in detail sometime soon. #STRONG #failharder #gym #squat #workout #training #failure
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